There are no short cuts to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, however, there are some natural ways that you can speed up fat loss and blast that belly fat! This doesn’t include some sort of mass produced expensive magic diet pill or acai berry extract, these fat burning foods are all ways to increase your metabolism and are all readily available at your local supermarkets! So throw away those foolish pills, it’s time to turn your body into a fat burning furnace!

First of all you need to know the ultimate basic rule. Everything we do burns calories, even by just breathing our bodies are constantly working. Our bodies use hundreds of calories a day and so they need constantly fuelling! To keep your metabolism at maximum speed you need to ensure you are consuming the correct amount of calories, to little calories will mean your metabolism will slow down and go into starvation mode, so make sure you do NOT skip a meal, as this will only inhibit your fat loss.

Now onto those fat burning foods:

·        Protein!

If you’re serious about weight loss then you need to understand how your body works with respect to muscle and fat. The more lean muscle your body has, the less energy it takes to fuel those muscles and the faster your metabolism works. In order to increase lean muscle, in addition to a good workout routine, you need to supply your body with good low fat sources of protein. Protein is the biological building block of muscle, by increasing protein in your diet you are fuelling your muscles which in turn will help you to burn fat at a faster pace and tone your body. Without protein even the best workouts won’t give you your desired results.

·        Whole grains.

Wholegrain are essential for a balanced diet. They are good sources of complex carbohydrates and dietary insoluble and soluble fibre that can help speed up your metabolism. Not only this but whole grains are number one sources of vitamin B, vitamin E, Magnesium and Iron, and have a series of health benefits including an ability to reduce heart disease by decreasing cholesterol levels and blood pressure. There are many sources of whole grains, including brown rice and wholegrain pasta, but my favourite is porridge! Porridge can help boost your metabolism and is a number one fat burning food! It contains a good source of fat and I a major source of low glycaemic carbohydrates. These complex carbs are crucial as they not only provide time released energy but they can also help you store glycogen more efficiently. This means that porridge and other whole grains allow for a slower release of sugar in the blood and help prevent insulin spikes. Making your body less likely to store that pesky fat.

·        Grapefruit.

Grapefruit has also been proven to lower insulin levels in the body and studies have shown these decreased levels can prevent the body from storing as much sugar as fat. High insulin levels are what trigger you to feel hungry, so by lowering your insulin levels you can also help satisfy that appetite. Grapefruits are considered a super food; they are high in fibre and low in calories. If you find them too sour, try adding a little bit of sweetener!

·        Green Tea and Caffeine

Caffeine can be used to increase heart rate and elevate circulation. This means our hearts have to work a bit harder, as a result our metabolism increases and we can burn more calories. Green tea is a good source of caffeine and contains antioxidants. It can increase our body’s metabolism by up to 4% in a 24 hour period. Not only this, but green tea has also been shown to increase the amount of calories burned as fat when taken before a workout.

·        Fish.

Fish are fantastic sources of fatty acids and omega 3 fish oils, which are great supplements for any diet, especially a fat burning ones. They are a good source of natural energy and can help to maintain healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Not only this, but by eating fish you can alter the levels of a hormone called leptin. Leptin has been shown to directly influence the speed of our metabolism, and lower leptin levels mean our body’s use more calories as fuel. By eating good sources of fish you can effectively lower leptin levels and blast that belly fat! Not only this but the omega 3 and fish oils can also reduce soreness after workouts and act as an anti-catabolic agent, maintaining the body’s strength while losing fat.

·        Water rich Fruit

Water rich fruits such as apples and berries contain antioxidants and soluble and also a chemical called pectin. Pectin can limit how much fat your cells absorb, so by consuming these fruits you can optimize your fat loss. However, it is important to regulate your blood sugar levels and so a limited intake of these fruits is necessary, to prevent insulin spikes in the blood.

·        Almonds and other nuts.

Almonds, nuts and peanut butter are all good sources of fat. In order to eliminate belly fat you need to consume good sources of fat. These type of fat sources also maximize protein absorption, so help build muscle and have been shown to reduce cravings. So for your next snack attack, try a handful of mixed nuts, but be careful with portion sizes!

  • Low Fat Dairy Products.

Studies have shown that individuals who consume low fat dairy products witness a greater fat loss than those who do not consume dairy, Dairy products may have a reputation for high calories and fat, but by selecting low fat options you can still get that calcium and probiotic friendly bacteria that can fire up weight loss, and build strong bones.

·        Spinach and Green Vegetables.

Can anyone remember Popeye the sailor man? There’s a reason why spinach gave him muscles and strength! Spinach is a well-known super food, along with many other green vegetables that can fight free radicals and improve muscle recovery.