If there’s one trend that has spread over the last 3 years its the posting of fitspo or “fitspiration” posts. If you don’t already know what fitspo is – it’s simply the posting of an image or quote of some sort that is meant to motivate people to exercise and get fit. Usually this involves a selfie of a half naked young tanned girl in a bikini or sports bra that will make you think “wow”. But are these images really achieving the purpose they set out to do?   I don’t know about you, but I often find myself (by often i literally mean daily) scrolling through my instgram feed just searching for fitspo images. But does it make me want to go out and get fit? If anything it makes me depressed and down about my own body image and almost diminishes my fitness achievements so far, goals and aspirations. It’s easy to look at a 6 foot 1 stick thin model and think “one day after all my hard work that will be me”, but at 5 ft 1, for me that will literally never be a reality. That’s not to say I wont achieve great things, but you should never set your self achievable goals- by doing this your only setting yourself up for failure and confidence for a good beating.   If I’m being really honest I’m torn when it comes to fitspo. I think it really can motivate people to get fit and healthy and better themselves. Without it I think I wouldn’t keep the dream of looking perfect in my mind and If it wasn’t for being so aware of my health and wanting to keep getting fitter in general, maybe I would give up. But on the other hand, I think the comparison trap that you can find yourself stuck in can make you even more self conscious and cause you to only push yourself towards an unrealistic goal- which is unhealthy for both the mind and body.   Come on we’ve all been there, even if its not through a fitspo post- it could be going to the gym and watching confident skinny girls in a skimpy sports bra and tight gym clothes, that gets your mind searching and over analysing your every body part for imperfections.   If you’re stuck in a comparison trap then you need to think what the real reason is. Some of you may just want to lose weight and get healthy, but for others the comparison trap may mean much more. When your next looking at fitspo posts and find yourself analysing your own body and comparing yourself you should first remember- you don’t know who these people are, what they do in life, how hard they work or actually anything about them. At the end of the day its just an image- which is has most likely been photo shopped. Try and ask yourself and asses where the negative comparisons are originating from and why you think you need to look like that to be happy? Maybe your mind is trying to tell you something about your own security. For me personally- my comparison trap comes from a lack of self worth and not feeling wanted by family and people around me- in my mind if i was to become like the fitspo images I see, then perhaps this would mean I would suddenly be perfect, special in a way, and valued by everyone around me.   But this is crazy and unrealistic. Often negative thoughts and behaviors that exist around fitspo are really to do with something else and obsessing over your body image is simply a mechanism to cope with the underlying issues. But by doing this you’ll still not achieve happiness and what you really want and you certainly wont become motivated to be fit and happy.   If your ever really going to be happy and see images of your own as “fitspo” you need to take the overall message on board- are you motivated to get fit? Are you doing it for the right reasons? Have you got a realistic goal in mind? By setting yourself a realistic goal you are not striving to be and look like someone else, your trying to improve yourself for yourself- after all we can’t become other people and suddenly acquire with different genes. Accept who you are and the good things about yourself and focus the negative energy and time you spend scrolling through endless instagram feeds and fitspo posts into something creative and beneficial for yourself- even if that’s a little bit of exercise and a quick body weight circuit- surely that’s going to be better for your mental and physical health than obsessing over an image? The type of fitspo I like to see if the ones that are set out to help others- whether that be clean eating recipes or how to perform an exercise, not only this but i love to see posts that represent an individuals true achievements through hard work- things like transformations.   This is all just based on my opinion but I’m sure it will apply to some of you who read this. But what does everyone else think about fitspo?