Jenny Watt. 24.

Durham University 2013. BSc Natural Science: Chemistry with Business.

1st Class Leeds University 2014. Msc: Nutrition.

Associate Nutritionist and fitness enthusiast.

Dedicated and determined to raising mental health and fitness awareness.

From improving your running speed, getting stronger, finding a workout that works for you to trying new things or learning about supplements for athletic performance, how to manage your diet, binge eating and food obsessions, I want to work to help provide as much information as possible to help others live a healthier life.

When to comes to health, fitness & nutrition it all starts from an individuals mental state and well being. The way we act, think and the decisions we make are all determined by our self belief and values from the lessons we have been taught during childhood.

If you want to be successful and see life from a new positive & achievable view, its time to unravel why you think the way you do and relearn, self parent and understand our thought making process and whether or not you are seeing a warped world.

After starting my own mental health & fitness journey years ago I want to help myself & others take away the non existent pressures they have created to unravel the confidence & motivation within and ultimately reach personal physical and mental health goals.