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Anorexia Athletica – An Elite Level of Fitness

Can't stop over training, keep restricting calories & can't stop thinking about food - welcome to Anorexia Athletica.


Over training and Hormone Imbalances in Women – How Can I Balance My Hormones?

So you ended up catching the fitness bug? You’re now living the “healthy” lifestyle, training daily and eating right… most of the time. At first the physical rewards from getting fitter, leaner and losing weight to the circulating endorphins &... Continue Reading →


So you’ve reach that point – the point where your exercise obsession has finally got the better of you and you are well and truly EXHAUSTED. Run down, under the weather, fatigued – call it what you like but your body... Continue Reading →

Low Calorie Diets & Overtraining | The Metabolic Damage

When it comes to dieting and getting weight loss results fast, the first thing a lot of us tend to do is cut our calories and crank up the exercise. But for some this doesn’t simply mean 30 minutes of... Continue Reading →

Jack 3d- Is It Getting You Jack3d?

Jack 3d has become one of the most popular pre workout substances that has caused an almost cult-like following of fitness fanatics, offering its users promises of muscular strength, decreased body fat percentages and an increase in fitness. Whilst providing... Continue Reading →

The Revolution of HIIT

Every day people use the term “fitness” when they talk about health, exercise, and sport.  But what is the actual definition of fitness? There are many different terms used to describe fitness; “physical fitness”, “health-related fitness”, “muscular fitness” and many... Continue Reading →

Exercise addiction: The Addiction Everyone wants.

The 21st century has been renowned as the century of fitness. Governments worldwide have began to focus on the promotion of health and fitness, catalysed by the use of campaigns such as “your 5 a day” and advertisements throughout the media,... Continue Reading →

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