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If your new to training or bored of your current routine check out some of these training tips.

Body Image & Self- Esteem After Weight Loss | Can Weight Loss Make You Less Confident?

So you set yourself that goal to lose weight and this time you’ve stuck to it, stayed dedicated and motivated your way to success! But as you look in the mirror and view your body at your target weight you... Continue Reading →


Anorexia Athletica – An Elite Level of Fitness

Can't stop over training, keep restricting calories & can't stop thinking about food - welcome to Anorexia Athletica.

Fitness Social Media & Advertising |The True Damage in Creating a World of Body Dysmorphia

The truth behind the fitness industry & fitness social media - protect yourself and your children against body shame.

The Perfectionist | Overcoming Perfectionism

Have you ever heard the saying “mind over matter”? As mental health is beginning to receive increasing awareness, the power of the mind is now being recognised as a primary factor within athletic performance, with sports psychology being factored in... Continue Reading →

Does Fitspo Really Motivate You?

If there's one trend that has spread over the last 3 years its the posting of fitspo or "fitspiration" posts. If you don't already know what fitspo is - it's simply the posting of an image or quote of some... Continue Reading →

Are the latest fitness and dieting trends a plausible mechanistic pathway towards sugar addiction and eating disorders?

The 21st century is currently witnessing a global shift and dominance within the health and fitness paradigm. The fitness and supplement industry has grown rapidly within the past ten years with more and more people investing in order to achieve optimum... Continue Reading →

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